GD samples

I'm not a graphic designer, however, when working on personal projects I've been forced to learn how to create images using Photoshop. I'll be sharing logos, and other images here.


As an author, I felt that I needed to work on my brand. This is what I put together for my logo. I'm a big fan of clean images, however, I wanted a version of my logo that pops. These are all preset fonts. 

This version of my logo is what I use for my current business cards. The color calligraphy text fades into the background as a black and white image.

MXTP_CLTRS is a collective that I founded with fellow creative friends. We're a collective of writers, musicians, performance artists, video artists, etc. I didn't want the standard wild, logo that collectives like ours usually have. Instead, I wanted a logo that would look good on graphic heavy fliers and posters. The logo also expresses our hope  to make our collective more professional.

This is the banner image and logo for the first project that MXTP_CLTRS put together. We didn't have a name, and our first project was based heavily on a suite of poems that I wrote. I layered multiple water images on top of one another and then added a white layer on top. I used inverse cuts of text to create the lettering.